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Kampung Korea which is one of the tourist attractions in Bandung like abroad that you can try. The feel of South Korea, especially the city of Seoul, can be felt thanks to the very Korean architecture and environmental feel. There are several activities that can be done when visiting Little Seoul such as trying South Korean culinary specialties or trying to take pictures with oppa and eonni-style make-up as memories.

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This super instagramable tourist destination that carries the theme of Korean-style street food in West Java can at least treat your curiosity to visit a country with a developed music industry in this Asian country. You can also rent costumes to take a group photo or take a selfie. Of course, in typical Korean Hanbook clothes, your shots will be even cooler when uploaded on social media.

In addition to iconic buildings and Korean food outlets that will shake your tongue, Little Seoul is also supported by very complete facilities for visitors.

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Korean Village in Bandung? is that Actually exist?