Quick few-minutes read of Thai AirAsia reviews can provide you with various details about the airline’s service. It is especially needed if you’re already planning to book the ticket from this carrier. Thai AirAsia is an affiliated carrier with AirAsia – an airline that has been voted and titled by Skytrax as the best low-budget airline in the world for eleven consecutive years.

With the motto of ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’, Thai AirAsia provides a straightforward, easily comprehensible concept of ‘You Pay What You Want’. Aside from the basic low-fare service, the airline allows the customer to pay for their desired extra services. These include seat options, checked baggage, inflight meals, and many more. For more details about the offered flight features by Thai AirAsia, you may continue to scroll further down of this article.

Available Amenities to Get When You Are Flying with Thai AirAsia

Formed as a joint venture between budget carrier from Malaysia, AirAsia, and Asia Aviation from Thailand, Thai AirAsia serves both domestic and international flights in regular schedule. Besides serving low-fare flights, it also presents online booking, cargo and courier services, and hospitality packages.

By far, the parent company, AirAsia is one of the most popular low-cost carriers across Asia. So, it somehow is not a surprise that AirAsia and its affiliations, including the Thai AirAsia airline, provides a wide range of amenities and inflight services. Below, you may read Thai AirAsia reviews that explain about several facilities available for the passengers of Thai AirAsia.

  • Network

Thai AirAsia operates 32 destination flights, which comprised of both domestic and international range. Some of the destination examples are Phuket, Penang, Kathmandu, Hangzhou, Bangalore, Colombo, and Abu Dhabi.

To book a traveling ticket to any of the 32 destinations, you may do it via the official website of AirAsia airline. Alternatively, you may use the help of third-party site that provide booking service for your planned flight.


  • Fleet

In average, Thai AirAsia’s age of fleet is 3.5 years. The fleet of this airline is comprised of 59 aircrafts with the types of Airbus A320 and Airbus A330. All of them has 180 seating capacity. The company also stated that it is planned to add more aircrafts to be used in the future.


  • Baggage Allowances

Thai AirAsia has a policy of free baggage allowance, that lets the passenger to bring cabin baggage with maximum dimension of 56 x 36 x 23cm. In addition, you may also bring another small bag such as laptop and handbag with maximum dimension of 40 x 30 x 10cm. The maximum combined weight for both bags is 7kg.

Need more baggage to bring? Don’t worry then, as the carrier also has check-in baggage policy. This option allows you to bring extra baggage from 15 to 40kg. Should you opt to bring check-in baggage, you will be charged with additional fees for extra dimension or weight.


  • Onboard Services

The available inflight services provided by Thai AirAsia are including meals, entertainment, and connectivity. However, it must be noted that these features come with additional fees, because they are not included in the cost of your flight ticket.


The carrier provides a wide range of menu that includes meals, snacks, and drink to be ordered onboard. If your booked trip is shorter than 75 minutes, then you can only pre-booked hot meals online.


This online pre-order service for inflight meals provides with discounted price, compared to if you were to book the meals during the flight. You have to book the pre-order meals minimum 24 hours before the scheduled time of your departure. Beside the advantage of getting discount for the price, you can get the benefit of getting more menu options and getting served first.


Despite not providing free inflight entertainment, Thai AirAsia creates an onboard service called Xcite tab. Xcite tab is a feature that can enhance the experience of your flight journey. By opting for this paid service, you can get hours of access to music, movies, games, and TV series. The Xcite tab can be pre-booked before the scheduled departure time. Alternatively, it is also possible to rent the service while onboard.


In terms of connectivity feature, Thai AirAsia provide paid wi-fi service. Regardless of the wide range of offered onboard facilities, the airline actually can only carry limited amounts of items for each flight. That’s why you may want to consider browsing the carrier’s online catalogue for the available amenities. You can also ask the friendly cabin crew during the flight to discover other offerings available while onboard.


  • Special Offers

Thai AirAsia has frequent-flyer program called AirAsia Big. Within this scheme, you can collect points by making ticket booking. After you have collected a certain amount of membership points, you may redeem it by getting seat upgrades, meals, insurance, complimentary flights, extra baggage, or even hotel booking under the airline’s service.

By now, you have read the Thai AirAsia reviews that explain various facilities and services provided by this specific carrier. Before you are getting ready to book Thai AirAsia ticket flight, it might be important to know about the refund booking policies applied by the company. You have to note that not all booked ticket is refundable. For example, if your ticket is acquired through seat sale or from a promo, then there’s a high chance that it is a non-refundable ticket.

That being said, there are several instances where you are allowed and have a chance to obtain refund. See if the reason why you want to refund your ticket is one of the cases in the following: 1) Because your flight is cancelled by AirAsia; 2) Because the airline reschedules your flight with at least 3 hours of difference; 3) Because you are being charged twice for one booking number; 4) Because your reasons involve medical cases such as being unfit to travel by air due to pregnancy, serious illness, or serious injury; and 5) Because of the death of an immediate family member.

A lot of online Thai AirAsia reviews give positive nods about this well-rated low-fare airline that provides economy and business flight class. Parts of it is because the carrier offers so many onboard amenities beyond budget carrier standard, such as diverse menu of food and drink, inflight entertainment, and plenty of mileage rewards. It also has easy system of online booking and check-in, both via website and via mobile app.




Aircraft Facilities of Thai AirAsia Reviews